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‘HOT’ MScS: Cultural Fluency

With thanks to: Glamorgan University

Employers are more and more looking for postgraduate students who can make a fast direct contribution to their business. This contribution can be with specialist knowledge and also with general management expertise. An MSc that offerS these two ensureS that you recover your investment in the cost of the programme very quickly.

In today’s competitive environment, companies are operating on a global front and face intense competition. There is not the luxury, as there once was, of taking on graduates and giving them time to develop and contribute.

To stay ahead of the game, therefore, choose a programme that offers academic rigour, professional acceptance and that provides you with skills that can instantly be put into practice.

Two such programmes are the MSc Management and Development of International Financial Systems and the MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

The former recognises the globalisation of financial systems and the lack of expertise in this area. The latter recognises the important role that procurement and supply chain makes to increasing competitiveness.

The Glamorgan Business School, with its highly applied professional focus, offers these two programmes. Demand for each programme is extremely high and the programmes attract students from all over the world. To study in such a multicultural environment is a major advantage in itself. Business solutions often have a cultural aspect; companies would ignore this at their peril. “Cultural fluency” is as important as linguistic fluency, as demonstrated by the recent, very amusing and instructive HSBC advertisements.
For many students who join the programme, it is their first time they have been taught in such a multicultural environment. Feedback suggests that they all think it adds enormously to the learning experience.

In choosing a MSc, make sure you check out the experience of the staff, their professional links, class size, method of teaching and whether they have been assessed as excellent by the Government’s Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA). Glamorgan scores highly in all of these; this is why it has been ranked 11th among UK business schools.

Also check out support given by Student Services for career advice, finance advice and general support. Language support is also important in those early days — extra classes plus help in constructing essays and reports — and all these extras should be free of charge.

Management and Develop-ment of International Financial Systems features courses on specific technical input and key areas in management. With an MSc you want to be managing within a business and therefore need a wider perspective to a strictly technical approach.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management looks at the whole supply chain and critically evaluates all the major theories and techniques being used by major corporations. Accounting may record what is happening, but purchasing and supply chain management make a difference by lowering cost and increasing efficiency. As competition increases, and there is no sign that its intensity will decline; people with these skills will be highly sought after.

Too many students are going for the standard MSc programme. If you want to make a difference and have terrific career prospects, choose one of these “Hot” MSc’s.


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